Burger King and McDonald’s are locked in an eternal battle for market share in the fast-food, burger-and-fries industry. Earlier this year, both released dramatic new looks at key parts of their global visual identity.

Burger King has fully rebranded, with a new logo and design style that nips and tucks their original logo in a fresh, vibrant, and engaging new design language. McDonald’s, meanwhile, have introduced new global packaging that also leans into a fresh, bold, colourful direction. Let’s take a look at what’s going on in both.

Burger King Rebrands

This is Burger King’s first rebrand in 20 years, since they introduced…

Redesigning a website can be a large endeavour.

Between design, content, copy, development, APIs, plugins, Search Engine Optimization, keyword research, platforms, integrations, responsive design, accessibility checks, browser testing, content entry, approvals, and a million other things to keep track of, there are enough specialized “web things” to worry about in their own right.

But a website is ultimately just a set of pages containing the right information on your business combined with the right opportunities for your customers to buy, learn more, or otherwise convert.

A website’s success depends far more on your business strategy and what your audience needs…

Resolving the tension between marketing and being marketed to.

– – –

Marketing is notoriously looked down upon as one of the least trustworthy professions around.

This Gallup poll (link) from late 2020 has marketers placed above only car salespeople and Members of Congress in the US, and a survey from Grey and YouGuv in the UK (link) found that 96% of the UK public does not trust influencers.

The flip side?

Marketing is a fundamental function of any company of any scale, alongside Operations, Finance, Management, and Sales.

Clearly, marketing and advertising is necessary, but how evil you believe…

Picture this: You’re a marketing manager or director of a mid-sized consumer goods company, and you need help. Your e-commerce website is out of date, your brand is decent but not quite as distinctive as you feel it could be, your email database is thorny, and you’re paying out thousands per month in ad spend without fully knowing its effect.

On top of that, your current marketing team of 2 is stretched to their limit, managing individual contractors is a hassle (plus you don’t have the budget for as many as you could use), and due to the nature of…

Full blog post: https://stackcreative.co/great-web-art-direction/

To be used, digital interfaces need to be designed.

This is true on both a graphic level — colour; layout; interactions — as well as on a system level — flow; navigation; outcomes. The explosion in digital product design for mobile apps and web applications has been the key growth area of the last 10–15 years, but it doesn’t operate in a vacuum.

To be enjoyed, digital interfaces need to be art directed.

Art Direction may not be as common a phrase, but it’s every bit as important as Design, because it adds something that graphic…

We’ve previously written a post on the importance of websites in a company’s overall marketing, sales, and operations plan: A Website is Not Just a Website (link).

While that shared our philosophy on how to define the role of your website, this post is going to highlight the four main different types of website design and development projects, to help you better evaluate what your needs are before reaching out to a creative partner.

There are many different types of websites (we’ll get to that in a later post), but today’s post is through the lens of a corporate website.

Layers icon

It’s January 5, 2021, and the world has been through a lot over the last 12 months.

As business owners, marketers, and human beings, the focus over the last year was understandably on resilience, adaptation, pivoting, and safety. While the COVID pandemic is still going to be part of our world for the foreseeable future, the new year offers us all a new opportunity (psychologically, at least) to take stock, move out of panic mode, and start building the future we want to see.

If 2020 was all about adapting to seismic changes, 2021 is about evaluating and strengthening your…

Wheels up, friends — it’s time to talk marketing, digital, e-comm, and brand again.

Hey gang,

We’re hopping back on the regular newsletter train, with a couple of key changes from 2019:

• Less pontificating
• More helping

The plan is to send one out every few weeks with notes on what we’ve been seeing, thinking, and doing. The spark to bring this back was largely driven by seeing what Melissa and Jonathan Nightingale, Sarah Stockdale of WNTTAT, and the Bright & Early newsletters have been consistently able to produce. …

2 years ago today, I publicly hung up the shingle for my agency Stack Creative, with no clients, a simple website devoid of case studies, and the publication of a Medium post.

(Funny story—I just checked, and it turns out Stack launched on May 2, according to that post’s date…and all this time I thought it was May 1! Memory is fuzzy, even when it comes to the date you told the world about your agency. But May 2 is awkwardly close-but-no-cigar, so it’s gonna be May 1 from now.)

In that time, we’ve gotten a few things right, a…

Hey everyone,

It’s been some time since the last edition of this newsletter went out — largely because we put it into hibernation at the start of this year, to focus more on the day-to-day work within the doors of the agency.

And then the COVID cannonball came out of left field, and the time felt right to send a one-off edition that focuses simply on marketing, and how the heck to approach it smartly, compassionately, and respectfully during these times of turbulence.

First, a disclaimer: This is an event unlike any of the last century, in terms of the…

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Founder & Creative Director, Stack Creative in Toronto. Find us online at www.stackcreative.co.

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